Sunday, May 6, 2012

Swing, swing!

Lily got a new swing set today! And by new, I mean new to us. The set was owned by the Plovans, our very dear friends, who generously gave it to us. We have a huge backyard, with nothing in it, so this gives us something to do in the afternoons (beside trying to crawl up the upstairs repeatedly). We didn't get to play too much on it yet, but we did put Lily in the baby swing, so she could test it out. She LOVED it!

In other news, we tried a recipe that I found on Pinterest. It is a Bob Evans recipe, and it was really yummy. Super easy to make-- sausage, crescent rolls, eggs and milk, and cheese-- and quick too (start to finish about 30 minutes). We even planned out a week of meals (what happened to the real Emily and Tom??). We will be having turkey burgers, steak, buffalo chicken, ribs, and spaghetti this week. I am excited to try the ribs, they are crock pot ribs, so they should be easy enough. Here's hoping to a smooth work week. Friday is the 3rd meeting of the mommy club, and we are going to The Melting Pot...that alone will get me through the week!!

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