Thursday, May 10, 2012

Socks. Mmmmm.

Susie Homemaker, I am not.

Let's just get that out there.

I like to think I run a fairly efficient household. It's moderately clean, I can cook well enough, and when I am in the mood I can make magic with a hot glue gun.

I am definitely not Susie Homemaker though.

While I like to cook, I don't do it every night. My house can be a whirlwind of papers, mail, toys, and various other baby things. Laundry sits in piles. Take out menus are on the fridge...this gets me to my next point for this post...this week I made dinner 4 nights in a row. You heard correctly, folks. Now, I don't want everyone thinking we eat out all the time, we definitely don't do that. We do like to mooch visit my parents and eat with them maybe once or twice a week. This week, however, I tried new recipes and really cooked (didn't just pop things in the microwave!). Dinner this week...

Monday- chicken and mozzarella ravioli
Tuesday- Turkey burgers
Wednesday- Crock pot buffalo chicken
Thursday- Crock pot ribs (these are great please go here and try them yourself!)

Tomorrow, I kick of my first Mother's Day weekend with a mommy club dinner at The Melting Pot.! I can't wait. Fondue and lovely friends. It should be a great time!

No other real news. School is just crazy. Prom =  stress. My schedule is all over the place (don't even get me started). I barely have 2 minutes without a senior asking me the same question they asked two days ago. Or a parent calling to ask something that was already addressed. Or...or...or

You get the idea.

Two pieces of reading for you today...go here and read my friend Angela's new blog! Welcome to the blogging world mama! Or go here and read about the crazy new Time magazine cover. I am sure I will have something to say about it later.

A parting picture...
Socks. They're what's for dinner.

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