Friday, July 19, 2013

Brother and Sister

As my children get older, I hope that they remember the love they have for each other at this moment in their lives. Before Jack was born, I wrote about how nervous I was about Lily's transition from being an only child to a sister. Very quickly after his birth, I realized I had no need to be nervous. Lily loved her brother from the moment she met him. It's like he was always meant to be here; he was always meant to be her brother. Over the past few months, I have been the humble witness to this sibling love.

Lily kisses her brother. She hugs him. She claps when he rolls over. When he makes his squeaky noises and screeches, she says, "Mama! Jackie eephant!" When he wakes up from a nap, she runs to me and says, "Jackie wake!"

Yesterday, after his nap, she was adamant that we play on his play mat; however, she had her toys all over the floor. I told her to pick everything up, and then we could play. She picked up every toy, laid the play mat on the floor, said, "I did it!" and then said, "thank you! thank you!" while taking a few bows (I guess she was super impressed with herself). She is just so fascinated with her little brother (or buddy, as she calls him).

And Jack loves his Lily. Whenever she walks by him, he automatically smiles. He thinks everything she does is super funny. He loves to watch her sing and dance around the room. He is the willing recipient of her hugs, tickles, and kisses.

I hope that their relationship continues to grow and they become even closer friends. I am lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with my own brother. Growing up we rarely (if ever) fought (truth- ask my mom). I have always been so proud of his accomplishments- he has truly grown into a wonderful person. My wish is that my kids will always love each other. That they will grow up with a mutual love and respect for each other. Their relationship is so important- as confidants, friends, guardians.

Meeting Jack for the first time.

Proud sister.

Aww Jack.

Holding him for the first time.

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  1. Watching your children's love for one another truly is an amazing thing to witness. I knew I loved my own sisters but never imagined what seeing that love develop from a parents perspective must be like. It really is one of those top best parenting experiences.