Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This and that...

Today was day 3 of "school" for Lily. She goes for 2 half days per week in a summer program that will lead into her fall program (also 2 half days per week) at Mother's Day Out. Last week was rough. Lots of crying, and "no school!" and "Lily bye-bye" followed by "mama back!" Today, there were a few tears when she left, but not nearly as many when I arrived for pick up. Lily has also been making some really cute arts and crafts. I am taking pictures of them because I know I won't be able to save everything she makes. Last week, she made a flag craft on Tuesday, and then Friday she made an ocean life picture. Today, she made a very cute turtle.

Back of the turtle.
I think she is enjoying class more as she gets to know the kids and the teachers. I could be totally wrong, but she does seem a little happier than she did last week.

In other news, poor girl has a huge bug bite on her ankle. I am taking this thing needs its own zip code. She has always had horrible reactions to mosquito bites, but the one she has now is, by far, the worst. Giving her Benadryl, and applying cortisone cream and ice seem to help. The area isn't as hot, and some of the redness is going away. She tells me is hurts. That breaks my heart. I wish the bugs didn't do this to her. She loves being outside, so it seems so unfair.

Over the weekend we helped celebrate Garrett's first birthday (Garrett is the son of our friend, Becky). The party was so much fun. Lily loved jumping in the sprinkler and the baby pool. We, however, were those parents who had no swim diaper, no towel, no bathing suit...luckily, our friend Kara had extras. The party theme was jungle/animal. I loved the decor (it's too bad I didn't take many pictures of it...). It was held at a park, which was great because Lily could play on the playground. The day was a little warm, but there was a pavilion to keep everyone in the shade. We had a really nice time; it was great seeing our friends!

Ready to party!!

Hey, mom, maybe bring me a bathing suit next time!

The gifts!

Jumped right in with the big kids!

The one picture I got of the decor. The little animals were SO cute. I thought these flowers were pretty.
Finally, Jack had his 4 month appointment today (ok, he is like 4 and a half months, but whatever). My sweet "little" guy is 18 pounds, 7 ounces, and 28 (almost 29) inches long! Eep!


  1. Awe! Too cute! Of course I latch on to the very last sentence! My daughter Annaliese turned 4 months on the 7th. She had her doctors appointment today and got her shots :( My poor little girl!

    She is a whopping 15 lbs and 25 inches :)

    1. My guy is just huge! He is already in 9 month clothes, and is moving into 12. It makes me a little sad because the poor boy is still a little baby, but he is so big he looks older!

  2. Even without a swimsuit looks like she still had tons of fun. Love the arts and crafts. :)

    1. She did have a great time! I love her little crafts. I have no hand in them...thanks Mother's Day Out!