Monday, July 1, 2013

Looking for a Miracle

I have been thinking about what to post, and while I will definitely be posting about Lily's big haircut experience this weekend, this morning I want to write about a little girl looking for a miracle. I am not sure how many of you (the thousands tens of readers) know about Teresa's story, but lately it's been getting a lot of national coverage, mostly recently on the Today Show.

Teresa is a Catonsville girl. She is a happy, spunky 6 year old who is waiting for a heart. Her story is an inspiration; it reminds me of the power of prayer and the tenacity of the human spirit. Today, in particular is a day that little Teresa needs our prayers- today is the day she is supposed to go on the Berlin Heart.

I wanted to write a note about her story because I am just so inspired by such a little girl. After having kids, any story of a child in need really pulls at my heart strings. This one is particularly moving because Teresa is from my community. Her strength, and the strength of her family, are an example to us all.

Check out Teresa's story here:

I hope you say a prayer for Teresa this morning. Grab your tiara (Teresa loves princesses), put it on, and say a prayer for a miracle.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I actually didn't know about the Teresa story. I guess I must be living under a rock. I'll definitely be saying a few prayers for her over here in my household.

  2. Wonderful share! Thank you so very much for taking the time to fill me in on this topic. I didn't know about this little girls story...I sure hope everything works out for the best! She will be in our thoughts!