Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Ok, it's Wednesday, but tomorrow is the 4th of July and I don't think I will get to post tomorrow. So I am throwing back today. I took digital pictures of some old pics my mom gave me.

This first one is my grandma Fran. She passed away 9 years ago this August. This picture, according to the note on the top, was taken in 1947. She was 23 years old. If people ever wonder where I get my talkative, outgoing nature from I say it is from her. She was an absolute firecracker. I miss her every single day. I wish my kids had the opportunity to meet her, but I know she is loving them from heaven.

The next few pictures are of me and my brother as babies. I think Jack favors me and Tim. Lily, face on, favors Tom, but I think from the side she looks like me. There are a few pictures of me that I really see Lily come through.

I really see Lily in this one. Maybe it's the nutty hair. I was probably 3 in this picture.

This is me. 7 months old. I see Jack. Like whoa.

Me, 6 weeks. Again, I see Jack.

Me, my dad, Mimi, and grandma Fran. I was 1 month.

My brother Tim, 1 year old. Cutest kiddie. I see Jack, here.

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  1. Looking at your pictures it's so funny how you see Jack everywhere. :) Happy 4th!