Friday, July 26, 2013

That time my daughter mooned me...

So Lily has taken to running around the house naked after she goes potty. It is fairly hysterical. She isn't very consistent about the potty, but she is learning. She consistently goes to the potty right before bed. That always works. We rock her and read some books and, mid read, she says "POTTY! POTTY!" Sometimes she will go to the potty at other times during the day, but night it always happens. Anyway, after she uses the potty she runs to her room to get a diaper on. Usually, she goes into her room and we can get a diaper on her. Lately, she likes to display her full moon before she gets her diaper on...

Take tonight for example. Mid-read, Tom takes Lily to the bathroom. She pees and, obviously, must tell me (I was rocking Jack). She has no diaper on, just her pj shirt. Tom follows her into Jack's room and tells her it's time to get a diaper on, so they can finish reading. She immediately lays on the floor, says "I sleeping!", and starts to fake snore (she pretends to sleep a lot...especially when she is trying to get out of something). She is laying in the middle of Jack's floor with her little naked butt up in the air. Hysterical.

I am hoping that her desire to not wear a diaper will lead to a desire to be potty trained and wear underwear. I must say, however, that potty training scares me a bit. It is much easier to change a diaper in public, than it is to make sure my toddler's tush doesn't touch a public toilet (ew!).

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  1. We're in the potty training stage and I must say that it is not going the way I want it to go at all. I plan on taking a 4 day weekend and just leaving her in underwear all those days. I was told that usually works. Good luck on your potty training.