Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happenings {Lately}

So, we have had a lot going on lately! Lily got her first haircut and started Mother's Day Out. Let's discuss the haircut experience first...

Tom and I were certain that Lily would sob. Well, we were lucky. She did cry, but didn't sob. She sat in the chair on her own; she held daddy's hand the whole time. It was very sweet. She even stopped crying for a large part of the cut (when she saw the hair fall on her lap, she started to cry again...). Overall, she did an amazing job. I got a few pictures of the haircut, plus the treat she got afterward.


Bye-bye baby mullet.
Almost finished!
First lollipop ever! Loved it.
Cheese! Eating a pretzel

Certificate and her hair
So that was Sunday. Today, Lily started Mother's Day Out. I was a little nervous about it. She is a very outgoing child with other kids, but she can be shy around adults she doesn't know. When we got there, she loved the room. She ran around and tried everything. Then, I had to leave. MAMA! NO! Cue the tears and screaming. I gave her one more kiss and handed her over. I did feel a little guilty leaving her, but I know she really needs this. It's 2 days a week, and I think it gives her a really good opportunity to play with other kids. It also allows her to be away from me, and get used to the idea of school. I know she is still 2 years away from pre-school, but she is so used to my mom or me or Tom watching her that I want to give her some exposure to a non-family play/school environment. This also gives me some time with Jack one-on-one (without Lily running around like a little nut!). He will likely be sleeping for most of Lily's MDO time, but I will still get a little play time with my bud.

Anyway, after I dropped Lily off, I went to Arundel Mills to meet up with my friend Sarah, and her little man, Jacob. We had fun catching up and shopping. Before I knew it, I had to run and get Lily. When Jack and I got to her room, there Lily was, crying. I am hoping she didn't cry the whole time. I am pretty sure 3 hours of crying would be pretty hard to do, but asking a 2 year old questions about her day results in very few real answers. I asked if she was excited to back to school on Friday and she said, "NO SCHOOL!" Then, later, I asked and she said "YES!" So...who knows. She did make this little craft that she is obsessed with. She told me "I did it! I made it!" She also explained that it's a flag with stickers. So, obviously, a boat.

She is very talented! She carries this around everywhere.
And now...a few pictures of the Jack Man. Because...why not?

Oh mom! You are so hysterical! Stop it!


  1. Love all of the pictures! We are going for haircuts today! Super nervous my oldest wants short hair...it's always been so long :(

    <3 southernmessmom.blogspot.com

  2. Awww how sweet. Luckily my daughter doesn't have enough hair that will ever need cutting. I love that first haircut certificate. What lovely pics and that baby smile is too adorable. :)