Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

How was your weekend?

Mine was nice. Let's see if I can reach inside my mommy brain and remember what we did...

Friday night we decided to eat out and went to BGR The Burger Joint. The BGR in Columbia is owned by our friend, Topper. Topper and my brother have been friends since they were three. We got to see Topper and Lily enjoyed her favorite french fries. Jack slept through the whole dinner. After dinner we went to Target and got Lily a new big bouncy ball. She carried that big ball all around the store. It was the cutest thing!

Saturday was spent at the shore. Lily, Tom, and my dad went swimming. Lily went fishing. All she does before we get to the shore is talk about fishing. She just gets so excited! After we came home from the shore, we decided we needed to go grocery shopping, so we went to Wegman's. I love Wegman's. We grabbed dinner in their prepared foods area. I had sushi, Tom had wings, and Lily had fruit and pizza (really, mostly fruit). Jack slept (notice Jack's dinner trend: he sleeps). Lily loved the fruit. Despite Tom cutting up fruit for Lily, she decided to eat the uncut pieces of fruit. She ate a strawberry like an apple. It was awesome. After dinner, we went food shopping. Lily walked, danced, pranced, galloped through the store. She did a great job.

Sunday, today, we went to see grandma and grandma B. They just came back from Hawaii and had some treats for us. Lily and Jack got little bears and a book. Tom got a tee shirt, and I got some scented soaps (they are really pretty!). We had breakfast with them, then played for a bit. Before we left we had lunch.

Oh, and on the way, we stopped at Starbucks for coffee. While Tom was getting our drinks, Jack had a poop-splosion. I mean out the diaper on the onesie, shorts, and car seat. He was wearing a disposable because I was washing a ton of diapers. Yeah, that disposable did not work well. I got him all cleaned up, and got the seat as clean as I could. Once we arrived I washed the car seat cover. Luckily, all the stains came out. Can't wait to get his tush back into cloth (we don't have splosions in cloth!).

We ended the day at my parents and had dinner over there. Lily got to play with poppy (or Big Poppy, as she has started to call him...). Jack showed off his rolling over and over and over skills. Lily never rolled, but Jack? he rolls all the time!

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend! Look for a more substantial post tomorrow about the post-baby body!

Also-- check out Jack's birth story over on A Birth Story Blog.

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