Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jack's Baptism

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On Saturday, July 13, Jackson Franklin was baptized. It was at St. Joseph's Monastery, where Tom and I were married (and Lily was also baptized). Our family joined us as Jack was welcomed to the church, and, really, it was perfect. It was so filled with love and joy (and heat, a lot of heat...the church was SO hot).

Jack looked like a little angel in the baptism gown. The gown is only 91 years old. It was my great uncle's gown and has been worn by every member of the Peters/Rosen family for each baptism. It is extremely special to me that Lily and Jack were able to wear the gown.

Jack did a great job. He actually fell asleep after the first reading. He only woke up when the priest poured the holy water on his head. Right after that, he fell back to sleep! He was great for the rest of mass and was very patient with us through all of the pictures.

Lily also did a great job. She jumped around between me, Tom, and all of her grandparents. My dad took her around the church when she got a little antsy. Then, a bit later, her grammy Brenda took her for another lap. She LOVED the angels in the back of the church. She talked about them for a long time. She joined us on the altar during the baptism, which was a little humorous. She kept jumping from person to person, and asking for different people.

After the baptism, we went back to my mom and dad's house. We had dinner and my family played cards. It was great to have everyone to together. Lily warmed up right away and was dancing, and jumping, and twirling. She really enjoyed having an audience!

After the baptism, a little old lady said to Jack, "You are baptized now. Whenever you walk into a Catholic church, you will be home." That really struck me. That just seems so comforting. Another little old lady, who said she has no family, asked to take a picture with us. We took a picture and my parents are going to give it to her. The mass was mostly an older crowd and all the little old ladies were oohing and ahhing all over the kids. One lady told Lily she could talk all she wanted because Jesus loves children and he would want her to talk!

And now, for a lot of pictures...

Lily and grammy

The church


The 4 of us (Lily is cheesing hard...)

With my godmother, Sandy

With Uncle Carl

With grandma and pop

With grammy and grandpa

With the great-grandparents

With uncle Tim

With uncle Brad and FIA Mandy (fill-in-aunt (soon to be real!!))

During this picture, Lily went from clinging onto Tom to clinging into me like a little monkey.

See? She is moving in! With uncle Sam and aunt Katherine

In uncle Tim's outfit

In Tom's baptism outfit

Uncle Carl was making Jack laugh!


Sailor outfit

With the godparents-- Sarah and Brad

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  1. Sounds like you had a great Saturday and Jack and entire family look lovely. That's a really nice heirloom and maybe Jack's own kids will get to wear that baptismal outfit as well. Hope you're having a great week.