Monday, July 29, 2013

Mommy Monday

Today, I am linking up with Simply Just Lovely for Mommy Monday!

I have a few minutes to write a quick post because Lily is building with some blocks and Jack is napping (in his crib!).

Lily cracks me up. This girl gets smarter and sillier every single day. I swear she learns at least one new word a day (Saturday's word? Sushi. Too bad she won't eat it...). Lately, she has been telling us whether things are big or little. Big airplane! Little airplane! She has taken to calling my dad poppy, and decided to add "big" to poppy. So, now he is big poppy (much to Tom's dismay, and not to be confused with 'roid raging Big Papi). She must be learning sizes in school (because I am not sure where else she would have picked this up...). People say the 2s are terrible, and while I do agree, 2 can have its moments, so far I really love 2. Lily is discovering who she is, and what this world has to offer. It is pretty amazing to watch her curiosity bloom.

Learning to catch with a balloon.

Just using a few toys in the pool.

Playing dress-up with mama's scarf.

Clapping to a Wiggles song.

Jack is also growing a lot these days (not just in size, either!). Lately, he has taken to rolling. Before, he would roll front to back or back to front just once. Now, he is rolling consecutively. As in, across the floor. As in, utoh! Another kid on the move! I am so not ready for this. Jack has also started transferring toys from hand-to-hand. He has been holding toys for a long time now, but a few days ago he started moving them back and forth in his hands. He is so nosey (just like his sister). Everything fascinates him. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts moving forward soon...

Jack's latest skill.


  1. Lovely photos!! The pool picture made me smile..Rio loves to put everything but in the pool.

    WTTP - The little lady with a baby!

  2. I love watching kids learn new skills. My son calls his blanket a "pea shoot". I had no clue where he learned it but I quickly figured it out once he put a ball on his blanket and wanted me to hold one end of it while he held the other end. He would then wiggle the blanket making the ball bounce up and down. Then it dawned on me that he was actually saying parachute instead of pea shoot. Although, I love his made up word better kids are very smart.