Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guest Post- Staycation

Guest Post from Michele at the Mommy Blogger Directory, a working mom of 3 sharing stories and ideas!

Inexpensive Backyard Stay-At-Home Vacation
Gather Equipment

Enjoying a home vacation this year with the family is easy with camping equipment and you can keep your credit card in your 
purse. Children love the idea of sleeping outside in nature to experience the sounds of nighttime insects. Borrowing camping supplies such as a tent, sleeping bags and cooking grill from family and friends is simple. 
Make a Tent

Parents can also make a tent with blankets or sheets hung over a structure made from poles or a clothesline. To keep rain or moisture out place an old shower curtain on top of the sheets or blankets. However, it is best to plan this stay-at home vacation when the weather is nice. 

Create Sleeping Bags

It is also possible to make sleeping bags by folding blankets carefully. Remember camping out is supposed to be rugged, so homemade equipment is acceptable. Place an old waterproof tarp, shower curtain or cut up large trash bags for the damp ground before laying down the sleeping bags or blankets. 

Preparing Camp

After collecting supplies, children can have fun building a camping tent. This is a real learning experience because children must cooperate while working. Parents should have a camera ready to photograph the finished product. 

Evening Fun

Plan a cookout using a grill to make food such as hot dogs and 
marshmallows roasted on a stick. Children and parents should gather around the campfire to tell amusing stories, sing songs and play games. Allow children to have fun without worrying about getting dirty, having showers or wearing pajamas to sleep.
Thanks, Michele!

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  1. This was a very good idea...more bonding time and savings!